Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the weekend

this past weekend it was so fun because my parents were in town,
so it meant we had a lot of family time
(which i love)
we attempted to go to a park friday night and eat dinner out there
but my option of the park was too windy
and cold
so we weren't able to eat there
look how cute molly is in this hat?
love to watch them swing
and jayden pushing duncan
molly's arms were hilarious
my dad with all the girls
we ended up getting tony's and eating it at the church
we had something there that night,
so it was just easier to eat it there

saturday was a relaxing day
we ended the night with everyone eating at our house

the kids at their table
the adult table
on sunday
our niece molly got dedicated at church
it was such a sweet baby dedication for all of the little ones
i love that we walk in a community where people
desire to train and speak life over their children
where the parents are intentional of putting identity on their kids from an early age
so sweet

amy & blake had everyone over to their house to eat afterwards
it was a beautiful day
couldn't get a family pic
but us with the baby
sweet molly and amy
how was your weekend?


ellen said...

I love your family, Christy! ALL of them! And, I cannot wait to see you! Favorite pic: your dad and the girls!

Marci said...

okay...cuteness how you framed some Darrah critter prints over the kids table! Love it! love the shabby chic frames, gotta see that next time I'm at your house.

sorry...totally unrelated to the cute post but just saw that and had to comment. :-)