Tuesday, November 8, 2011

homecoming 2011

every year we have a tradition to go to waco for baylor homecoming
we have been going to homecoming ever since i was little
the forresters (who were my dad's friends from high school) come and stay with my parents
and we do the same tradition every year
i think they have done this for almost 30 years

unfortunately, this year - jordan and i were only able to participate in
our friday night "fiesta night" and then we had
to head back to dallas for a memorial service for a special friend, ruth loring

we were sad to miss the saturday festivities, but our kids were able to go so that was fun for them,
and i was really glad i was able to attend the memorial service on saturday morning

my dad has some pictures on his blog here
and apparently mary beth got some good pics - so i will try to upload hers to my blog
sometime this week

the kids (and jordan :)) ate outside
everyone waiting in line for dinner
thanks jason for this :)

dad & mb
molly, mom, & andrew
emily & alex
eating our traditional fiesta meal
jordan & alex (or hanj as mb calls him)
the whole forrester clan
we love you forresters and are so glad we get to do this tradition with you each year,
sad we missed the bulk of it on saturday -
next year :)

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ellen said...

We are so happy we got to spend even a little time with you and Jordan! The kids were so good on Saturday, and Jayden was such a trooper at the game!
We love you, your family and all of our traditions! What a blessing!