Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Duncan: 2 year old portraits & All Kids

doesn't my sweet 2 year old look like a SMU student?
i mean - goodness :)
love these pics of duncan
and how they really bring out his beautiful blue eyes
i love his feet in this one
so sweet and innocent
my sweet duncan -
we love you and are so proud of the mighty man of God that you are too!
we love that you will be a world changer just like your brother & sister!
we ended up getting just these two of all of them
campbell looks like such a chunk in this one i think :)
i just happen to have all of their clothes and i love how perfectly they matched together
love these three!
excited to add another one to the bunch :)

1 comment:

ellen said...

They are awesome! The pics, and the kids! So happy we got to see you! The more the merrier!