Thursday, November 3, 2011


so i am not a big proponent of halloween,
and i/we have still not decided how we want to do it,
but this year -
all my kids were given costumes,
and jayden was super excited about doing it
so we did it
i know,
not a good way to do something if you aren't sure about it
but we did it
judge me that is fine :)

campbell was given a flower costume by our neighbor (so cute), jayden & duncan buzz & woody from toy story (even though duncan is actually wearing pj's - he had a buzz costume like jayden but didn't wear it b/c it was kind of big)

we joined our friends for their neighborhood halloween parade
it is a great way to do it because people just line a certain street and all the kids walk down and get candy and show off their costumes

a lot of our friends joined us there too!
so that was fun.
and the lighting was just perfect for pictures - so that made me happy :)

jon, robin, & monkey (jack)
jayden, charlie, and felice
the mario brothers & their princess
amy, moose (norah), and dan

christina & eden
the cutest little flower you have ever seen :)
doggy (riley)
curious george (georgia) & his trainer (luke)
and their mommy & daddy

here are all the kids and any any on the way
christina & erin (with jasper who is just a week old)
another family pic minus jayden

it was fun and i love how cute all the kids are in their costumes!
precious little darlings!

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