Monday, December 5, 2011

36 Hour NYC trip (part one)

on friday we had the fun opportunity to go with our friends
to NYC for a quick trip to celebrate joey's 30th!
it was SO FUN!!!!!
there were just 3 couples
and between the 6 of us we have 8 kids - and one on the way :)
so to take a trip as just adults, was such a treat
and great to have adult conversation and fun for 36 hours straight!
we got into to nyc around 2 on friday and headed straight to a deli (can't remember the name)
for lunch
(after a short detour where i got sick on the side of the road - yes i threw up right there on the street in nyc for everyone and their dog to see - but i felt much better afterwards!)
waiting for our table at lunch
these were the best onion rings i have EVER had
(i didn't even order them - but i made sure i got my fair dose of them)
after lunch we headed to the hotel to put our bags up
and then headed out to walk the streets of NYC
the guys in FAO schwartz
i love that store
i got c her first baby doll here
i thought that would be a fun gift for christmas and hold a special memory to it
jordan got his fair share of candy here as well!
(in fact he has the extras stashed in a secret place in our closet - still!)
we then went to see the christmas tree
we missed the lighting by 2 days!
it was so beautiful!

this was a really neat display they put on the side of a building


Wynne Elder said...

yall are so fun! love reading about your adventures! love having peeps from yalls church ask me about adoption! keep sending em my way :)

Stephanie said...

Are you the one with one on the way?

Tiffany Dawn said...

So fun!! GREAT pics Christy!!!!