Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mary Beth & Hanj are Engaged!

it's true:)
my baby sister is engaged!
to the most wonderful match for her-
and we couldn't be more THRILLED!
alex set it up perfectly and she was completely surprised!
my parents were in town b/c my dad preached at church on sunday
(which btw - he did an AMAZING job! -
he is such a good teacher - i was so proud of him :))
so b/c we "had things" that night -
we went with the family to an early dinner at
our favorite :) cafe express
(great time to go there btw b/c NO ONE is there and our incredibly long table and many kids doesn't bother anyone)
this girl had NO IDEA what was about to happen
sweet cousins
my little spunky thing!
so after dinner
mary beth met up with her friend before going to what she thought was a worship night
at alex's house

what she didn't know is that alex had invited her family and closest friends
to come to his house with a note and flower to give to her before he propsed

mary beth has the sweetest friends
they came from all over to be there for her on her special night!
the family group
(i had a sitter for my younger two)
alex had candles and roses everywhere
it was beautiful!
in addition to the actual engagement ring
he carved her a wooden ring
here she is coming in,
completely shocked at who was in the room
alex (or hanj as mb calls him) met her at the door with a hug and a kiss :)
he sat her down in this chair
and then went into the other room and played music on his guitar
then each of her friends and family got up one by one
gave her a note with something special about her and what marriage will be like,
a rose or flower, and a kiss and walked out
we all left and headed to blake and amy's for an engagement party for afterwards
hanj was very romantic i'm sure and she said yes - of course!

the sibs
love this sweet pic of mom and dad
mary beth telling all her friends about how it happened :)
mary beth and hanj and both sets of parents
alex's parents came in from peru to be with them
mary beth had just officially met them the day before
they are the sweetest people ever and we see where alex get's his sweet spirit from :)
love this picture as well!
we ended by praying over them and blessing them in this season ahead!
what a sweet night to remember!
we are so excited for them both!
let the wedding planning begin!
it's been a long time :)


Marci said...

well those are just precious pictures and i'm so glad you documented that so i can sit here and cry while my kids nap!!!!

they are just beaming. yay MB!

Wynne Elder said...

congrats! i saw that she was engaged and couldn't wait to hear the story! how beautiful!!! love yalls sweet fam!

ellen said...

So excited and happy for everyone!!!!!!!

Tiffany Dawn said...

More pics of the actual Proposal are up on my site: obutiger.smugmug.com
Just click on She Said Yes and check out start to finish the proposal fun!

The Engagement party pics will be posted over Christmas on the same site.

Jennie said...

you have such a cute sweet family!!