Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas fun

we have had fun celebrating christmas around here!
i have some random pictures from the past couple of weeks to capture what we have been doing

last week - jordan and i went to a christmas party for "time to revive"
it was a fun time to be together
(do you like the hands reaching up from the bottom of the picture?)
on thursday we had jayden's school christmas party
it was a sweet time
the kids made precious little placemats with ornaments of all the student's pictures on them
it was such a cute craft idea!
the kids also showed us some recitation and what a normal morning is like!
they are PRECIOUS!
yesterday we headed over to the carona's early
and had breakfast with them,
and then made some christmas crafts!
thanks for the great pic - j
the kids made peppermint play dough,
reindeer with their hands and feet, and an ornament
these kids have so much fun together!

duncan didn't want to do any of the crafts,
but we did finally get him to play with the play dough
silly little guy!

our finished projects!
what fun things have you been doing to prepare for christmas?

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