Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Playgroup Brunch

i am still playing catch up on my blog posts -
so christmas will come soon :)
but for now,
i wanted to post about one of my favorite christmas activities :)
we started this last year,
(i think)
but our last playgroup of the year we have the kids come in their pj's
and have a brunch
it is SO fun!
i love seeing all the kids in their cute pj's
and of course eating the yummy brunch food :)

i made this sausage/cream cheese crescent roll dish
all you do is cook 1lb sausage then mix 1 carton cream cheese
and then spread out crescent rolls (i used two packages for the decorations)
and put the sausage/cheese mixture inside - put more rolls on the top
and bake at 350 for 20ish minutes!
so good and EASY!
the spread

the pregnant mamma's :)
apparently my kids don't know how to take pictures without having funny faces :)
all the sudan cousins had their matching pj's on -
my mom got them for them to all wear on christmas morning
you will see these pj's a lot in coming posts :)

amy & danny
working on a craft project
sweet and beautiful sparrow & eli
cutie pie georgia
little miss priss :)
sweetie pie hallie
our attempts at a picture of all the kids

the best one we could get :)
love this time each year!

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