Tuesday, December 6, 2011

36 hour NYC trip (part 2)

Friday night we headed to a nice dinner
(again i don't remember the name of the place - but Mario Botelli owned it)
it was fun getting all dressed up
and enjoying a nice, long relaxing, delicious dinner
we had wonderful conversation
zach led us with 3 questions:
1. what was your favorite date (or most memorable)
2. what is the most important aspect of friendship to you
3. what is a funny story that we might not know about you
it was a really special time
it was then almost midnight -
but we had to make it to serendipity for frozen hot chocolate
so we took the subway to get there
however we sill had to walk quite a way -
you had to get on the list by midnight -
so we cut it really close
but we made it!
and of course, still had to wait -
even though it was midnight
but it was worth the wait!
the next day we headed to the MET
but then when we realized it was more than we wanted to spend for the amount of time we had,
we decided to just visit the gift shop
and then walk in central park
it was such a beautiful day
so many runners out
wish i had my running shoes - because i would have loved to go for a run there
it was wonderful!
we then headed to little italy for some lunch
and then headed back!
it was so very fun
and we were so thankful that our dear friends invited us
to journey with them and celebrate with them!
what a gift!
thank you joey and dana!
we loved it and love you!
look forward to the next 30 (++) years!

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Tiffany Dawn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So glad you 3 couples were able to celebrate together! What a SUPER SPECIAL memory that you will treasure for a lifetime!

Funny thing I noticed - the pic of you 3 girls on the subway- there's a reflection of Jordan in the window and it looks like he may be yawning! :) Such a late night for you guys! :)