Monday, August 15, 2011

The Weekend

We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.
I think it is our only weekend for awhile that we didn't have anything major going on.
but we are thankful

We started the weekend by going to the park on friday with the new students from Jayden's new school.
it was a great way to meet people and let the kids see some faces that they will be seeing during the year.

On Friday night we had our favorite little 4 year old girl's birthday party :)
more pics from the party later
I decided (or jordan helped me decide) to take advantage of the down time
to get caught up on a few projects before the beginning of the school year.
It worked out great because jordan was super busy finishing up his summer semester
(12 hours!) and has 3 - 10 page papers due this week.
So I worked on my kind of projects (crafting) :)
and he worked on his kind of projects (studying, writing, reading) :)

i wrote a How We post on this here
but i thought i would show it again :)
i also recovered all of my dining room chairs
my mom and sister recovered these chairs when jordan and i got married (9 years ago)
and i haven't recovered them since.
and they were gross
i mean, i felt bad for people having to sit on them :)
so i decided it was time -
and now i am so mad i didn't do this YEARS ago
so sorry to all my friends who had to sit on nasty chairs at our house
please forgive me!
i don't know if i love the material i picked out,
but i do LOVE that it is clean and it matches the carpet next to it and
that all the seats are bolted in.
so that makes me happy.
my last project this weekend was organizing, storing, and ordering pictures
i try to do this twice a year.
i am not completely finished with this project -
but i made good headway.
hope your weekend was good. :)
what did you do?

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kelly said...

i think the chairs match the rug perfectly!
also, jordan's in school? i'm so behind!!! & where's jayden going to school?