Thursday, August 4, 2011

more pics of Hallie (& fam)

as you probably saw in my previous post,
my newest niece was born!
she came a month early -
but is doing great!
alex went fast
and she is amazing.
i am just saying -
i am super impressed with how she handled everything.
hallie is such a sweet little bundle of joy
i can't wait to watch jason & alex be parents
they are going to do an awesome job
they will be loving, caring, and super FUN
here is a pic of alex when she was born and hallie
i thought that was pretty cool
hallie came on the perfect day -
my dad works half days on wednesdays and they didn't have lg that night either
she's so sweet and thoughtful :)
duncan is such a lover
this is the second newborn he has seen in a week and for both of them he wanted to kiss their head
what a little LOVER
here is the ogden fam with jason & hallie
i will say i feel like we are a like a tornado coming into the room,
and the peace after a storm once we leave
thankfully alex & jason were gracious with us :)
we love you already hallie and can't wait to watch you grow!

1 comment:

lauren said...

she is SO PRECIOUS!!! your family is so blessed with so many beautiful children!!!!