Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fantastic Mr. Fleix

on saturday we went to sweet Felix's birthday party
the theme was fantastic mr. felix
it was so cute
tom made all of the above figurines
i mean - he is amazing
look at all of the babies
so fun
the baucum's made their first outing with sweet eden
to the party
emery kate is trying to get duncan to look up for the picture :)
they loved this hammock
i love these pictures
this was right before they flipped backwards and both fell :)
sweet luke
marci, amy, and molly
(molly had a blow out on the way to the party and amy didn't have an extra set of clothes)
i think molly might have know what she was doing in this heat
i love this picture of jordan and jayden
notice the little miss
every picture her mouth is filled with food
they were back by the hammock - doing just fine
here is the sweet birthday boy
i can't believe he is already TWO
life goes by so fast
do i say that every blog post?

watching the amazing movie that
casey made of felix's second year of life
cutie love jack
campbell says "GOODBYE!"

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kelly said...

sweet o family :)