Monday, August 29, 2011

jordan's bday & marriage retreat

we were in waco all last week
it was a nice way to end the summer - extra hands for me, swimming, pictures,
family, it all was good :-)
jordan came down on thursday and we celebrated his birthday
alice used the linens that i got her from india :)
they were really pretty!
what was a super nice part of this evening -
was that my parents took our kids
(not just for the night, but for 2 nights and 3 days!)
jordan had asked - (and they granted) for christmas (last year)
to have a babysitting weekend
we finally took them up on the offer
not that they haven't babysat the kids a lot since christmas -
but we "technically" hadn't used our gift
so we celebrated jordan's birthday with a quiet, yummy dinner at his parents house
and then we headed to a hotel
for a 2 day marriage retreat
it was SO good!
jordan and i both thrive off of goals and planning
so it wasn't hard for us to get excited and envisioned for what this next year is going to look like
knowing how busy our lives can be if we aren't focused and intentional about how we spend our time
this really helped us map out our weeks, months, and the next season
we also talked about specific things we are going to work on in our kids and certain "training" that needs to be done with them
i can't say it enough - this was SO GOOD for us!

i am super excited about this next season
and look forward to seeing how our focus and investment in certain things
will bear fruit

it's a good thing we had our retreat when we did-
because school starts tomorrow
and elevate (we are on staff this year) starts next week
so here we go


The Sudan Fam said...

so glad yall had fun and were able to do this!

Tiffany Dawn said...

yay!Happy bday J and excited for your next year!

lwalk said...

love this, anxious to hear about your weekend! i am so looking forward to another time of planning this fall--such a great way to refocus!!