Tuesday, August 30, 2011


as i said in the previous post,
we spent the last week in waco
here are some pics from the week:

the boys had fun resting in chief & alice's big bed
love that the tail is right under his nose :)
and yes - i realize he is 4 and has a paci in
we are going to work on it soon :-)

we had their pictures done in salado
they turned out SO GOOD
doesn't duncan look handsome?
and we went swimming
i liked this picture because i thought campbell looked so old
(not that i like her getting old, but i thought you could really tell here)

cuddling with chief
eating breakfast and watching toy story :)
going to mayborn museum
(this will be another post - that place is great!)
i don't have any pictures with my parents,
because we weren't with them
the kids loved all the extra love and attention they got from all of their grandparents
we are so thankful for them
they are all the BEST!

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