Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ogden's 40th Anniversary

greg & alice celebrated 40 years of wedded bliss on monday
what an amazing accomplishment and wonderful legacy to give us
we are so very thankful for their commitment to one another,
in these days - that is a rare thing.
so we celebrated on friday night
with a "best of Big D" tour
in a fun stretch limo :)
it pulled up to our house and swept us away
alice was wearing earrings that she wore at her rehearsal dinner 40 years ago
she came prepared with the limo stocked with food and drinks
and these adorable napkins
"forced family fun"
i thought they were funny :)
the fun wasn't "forced" at all,
but i still thought the napkins were funny
i didn't get any pictures of where we went for appetizers
(jordan banned me from taking too many pics :))
but we ate dinner at tillman's roadhouse in bishop arts district
it was our first time to go and we all LOVED it
it is such a treat to have a nice dinner with family without the kids
i love my kids and love them being with me -
but that makes times like this even more special

we got the trio of fries appetizer
and ended with their famous s'mores
after dinner we headed to another "Best of Big D"
it was such a fun, different place
and had
AMAZING chocolate and the most unique flavors!
i can't describe it well,
but it would be a great date spot after eating dinner somewhere in bishop arts district
it is really fun and unique
geoffrey & jordan got sorbet's from here
the flavor was amazing -
i told jordan it tickled your tongue when you tasted it :)
thank you alice & greg for such a fun, memorial night and
including us in your celebration of 40 years!
we love you and are so thankful for your legacy to us
of a healthy, loving, strong marriage!
greg's advice for the secret of a long lasting marriage
"marry your best friend"
i couldn't agree more.


Virginie M. said...

I think it's great that you take a lot of pictures. People sometimes get tired of picture taking...but then you're so thankful that the memory was preserved.

kelly said...

congrats on 40 years!!! what a wonderful way to celebrate - with your children! looks like you guys had so much fun :)

Kristin said...

I love that dress you are wearing Christy! What a fun celebration evening!! I love Tillman's smores! So delicious!