Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soccer Game #2

jayden had his second soccer game on monday night
i missed the first one because i had to work
(so no pics from that night - jordan had all three by himself at the game - quite the challenge!)
i love how cute they look in their uniforms!
this year is an improvement from last year
but still there is a LONG way to go!
i asked some of the mom's in jayden's class
when do the kids actually "get" soccer,
they said not until first or second grade
jayden did kick the ball more this time
so that was good!
btw -
I LOVED having my zoom lens for the game
such a great addition for sports!
duncan was very fixated on having his soccer ball
sweet boy
the best part of the game -
these cool sports drink bottles
that the boys got after the game

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The Sudan Fam said...

little cutie! Love that last picture...