Monday, September 19, 2011

Mary Beth is Back!!!

mary beth and macy
came back yesterday from

their flight was delayed from chicago
so we went to cafe express for
a quick dinner before getting her . . .

we have quite a long table with the growing sudan family :)

sadly -
we were a few minutes late in getting there
so poor mb
had to get to the baggage claim
with none of us there
we all felt horrible.
i guess her plane got in a few minutes early

we reunited
and that is all that mattered :)
here she is meeting hallie for the first time
sweet alex and b
(I love how sweet and tender he was with mary beth - so sweet!)
the kids found these random light things to play with
we all made signs-
i guess it would have made a better statement
if we were on time

mary beth and macy's friends who were at the airport
after we left the airport
we headed to our house
for a sudan style
we are easy to please :)
campbell thought she was as big as the older kids

we are so glad you are back B!
we have missed you so much.
can't wait for you to move back in with us!!!!
thank you for giving your life for the least of these in africa!
great is your reward.


ellen said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!!!

Wynne Elder said...

love that! so glad she's back safe! can't believe her time is already over. love getting to feel a part of yalls amazing family through your blog! great to see you and hug your neck this past weekend in waco!