Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change of Season: Fall

one of the goals jordan and i made on our vision retreat -
was to celebrate the seasons and the changing of seasons.

we wanted to teach our kids that there are different
season's in life for different things.
for example - summer - it is a time of more play,
less work, later bedtimes, etc
but now we are transitioning to fall.
(i know it is not actually fall - but the "season" is fall, back to school time)
so we decided to have some activities that represented the season and teach
our kids what the fall season looks like for us
(more structure, earlier bedtime, school, hard work, fuller schedule, etc)
our theme for the fall/change of season was APPLES
we chose a couple of activities that had to do with apples
to teach them about the transition
yes, we did apple bobbing ;-)
(jordan's idea)
the kids LOVED it
however - we discovered - this is alot harder than we thought
so we threw some clementines into the mix
(and jordan was the only successful "bobber")
the kids LOVED having a special night
and I was so glad to see how easy it was for us
yet meant a lot to the kids
we made a baked apple recipe
(super easy and just cooked in the microwave)
while we made an apple art craft
for this i just cut an apple in two
and had the kids paint with it
how much easier could it be?
i am not that crafty of a mom,
so i know all of you school teachers and crafty moms are thinking -
come on christy - really - this is stuff we do everyday with our kids :)
i don't - so that is what made this special :)
all in all -
i would say it was a really successful
change of season night!
i am excited about doing it again during the winter!
if you have good ideas for me then - let me know!


rachel said...

For winter if you mix shaving cream and elmers glue it makes a puffy snow like subsatnce. Also you can use jumbo marshmellows mini chococolate chips and pretzel sticks to make snowmen. Have fun!

Kristin said...

So cute!!! I love it!! For winter, I had my students make a winter tree and its bare branches out of masking tape on a piece of paper, then you get a toothbrush, get it wet, then dip brush in cool/winter colors, and fling the paint on the paper, giving it a speckled look. Then remove the tape and you have a lovely winter tree landscape with cool winter colors.

kelly said...

what a fun night, c :) it looks like your kids had a blast!! amanda soule ( just wrote a new book "rhythmns of the family", i think?? anyway, it has ideas for seasonal activities - you might could get it @ the library? haven't been able to look through it, but i want to!

Travis and Joy Phillips said...

we definitely should do this...our kids aren't going to naturally learn about seasons here since we won't really have them! so we should be intentional about teaching them about what seasons are like every else! e does remember leaves and snow...but the other two for sure will not. :(

and ARE a crafty mom, please!