Thursday, September 1, 2011

red shirt compare :)

i realized when i posted the pictures from the boy's first day of school, that duncan was wearing the same shirt that jayden wore on his first day of school two years ago :)
glad i am getting some use out of that shirt :)
i thought it was fun to put the boys side by side to compare their looks.
notice that neither one of the boys is actually looking into the camera,
they both have backpacks that are probably a little big for their little self,
and there are random things on our front porch that probably shouldn't be there :)

let me know what you think - do you think they look similar?
p.s. - now that i know how to do this 2 picture side by side thing - i will probably be doing a lot more :)


kelly said...

maaaaaybe their noses look alike??! maaaaybee???!!! they each have their own look! i wonder if they will look more alike as they grow older??

kelly said...

THANKS for putting our button up :) so sweet!

Marci said...

oh my word, that is too cute!!! i love duncan's slightly sleepy, messy hair look. just sort of fits his little laidback self.

Amy Marable said...

I always loved how jaydens lunchbox was bigger than his backpack!!!