Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Family Fun Night: September

another one of our goals from our marriage retreat
was to have a family fun night once a month.
it doesn't have to be anything big (or expensive!)
but something we could do together
as a family that is different
than our normal routine of life

so friday night we
headed downtown
to a new park on main street
it was a great place to go!
we got dinner and ate it out by the fountains
the kids loved playing in the water
it was nice because it wasn't deep at all
perfect to splash around in :)

jordan was trying to teach the boys how to play
a game
there is also a really modern playground
in this area
i love this pic of duncan with the downtown buildings behind him

don't you love campbell's outfit?
so so cute!

we had a great time
i am enjoying trying to be intentional and making memories with my sweet family!


Eraina said...

What a fun night :) I love those pics, and I loved catching up on your days and activities. We're not moving .... just a month off for a vacation (thankfully!). Bryan changed law firms with his real estate group last year, then was up for (and made) partner this February, but I think we were ready for a change after the past couple of years. He is going to work with Macfarlan Capital Partners (Sophie's husband, Mac, and his Dad). He doesn't start until October, so we're in Colorado for a couple of weeks and just in general taking it easy... We'd love to see y'all sometime -- your babies are cute and happy :).

lwalk said...

Fun night! We've picnic-ed at that park--it's right by Chad's office. I think the mod playground stuff is neat also!!

Marci said...

Umm...Campbell...Duncan...twins!!! They look so much alike.