Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Magen's Bday

my sweet, dear, (so sad she is moving i can't even talk about it), wonderful friend
had her birthday
on saturday
so we celebrated

we went to eno's (i think that is how you spell it) for dinner
with friends
bob & amy
stacy & tina
goodens & zach
kenten & karis
me & (how many pictures do i have to take at each event) jordan
dana & i
after dinner we surprised magen
with desserts at our house
it was so fun
we got to love and encourage her
which was so good
everyone loves magen
and i know she
felt the
amy, marci, & karis
joey, zach, & jordan
daniel's & ogden's
magen & i
magen, dana, and i
sweet quiroz fam
we were attempting to pose correctly for this picture
apparently there are certain ways you are to stand to make
yourselves look thinner in a picture :)
i like jordan's neck out - i think it does him well :)
ogden's & quiroz's
quiroz's & carona's
magen & dana
we love you magen
and are so thankful for your life
you are a blessing to
all who know you.

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