Tuesday, March 1, 2011

from my phone . . .

i have seen other people do this on their blog and thought it was a good idea

because this is my first time - i have pics all the way from the beginning of the year.
i am going to try to do this more frequently -
i think it is a good way to get a snapshot of the day to day life :)

here is jordan and i at the cotton bowl:
(too bad the aggies lost :( )
campbell in her warm winter jacket -
she was never a fan of wearing it -
too bad because it was so darling on her!
jayden and sara having a hot chocolate date
(i think the marshmallows were the favorite)
emery kate, jayden, and campbell baking together
yes - this is a mess waiting to happen!
campbell loves her toes
a wreath i made
i am sure you have seen these all over the internet
they are so easy and SO cute (in my opinion)
campbell loves her fingers!
(i made her a headband with the same type of flowers from the wreath!)
again - so easy but SO cute!
campbell at the doctor's office
(this is where we discovered that she had not gained ANY weight in two months
which means - fenugreek for mom and supplement formula for her!)
we went back to today and she gained almost a pound in a month - so that is good!
jayden LOVES to get in campbell's crib
duncan - sweet precious little guy!
the valentine's we made for jayden's class
we put packaged m&m's inside - i thought they turned out pretty cute!
trying to get a pic when daddy got home!
jayden riding the car at the grocery store :)
the bedspread i bought in india -
isn't it so pretty?
it looks just like pottery barn to me and was only $45 us dollars!

duncan sporting his new sunglasses
cutie pie
duncan "trying" to ride the four wheeler at the neighbors house
happy 1st day of march!
hope everyone is doing well!
look forward to more frequent blogging this month!

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kelly said...

love to see what's going on in your world! i loved that wreath - still wanting to make one! i like your color combo - very inspiring... & love those valentines!!