Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we were up in Denison for a wedding of a precious couple that goes to our church.
Jordan performed the ceremony - so we were there friday night and saturday - and decided to make a weekend of it.
we didn't think when we were planning this the small detail that we would have to check out of our hotel at noon and there would be no place for our kids to nap.
minor detail - we survived - but next time we might think a little more about that fact :)

here are the kids on friday night
i must admit - i did have fun dressing them all up for the different occasions :)
campell sitting in a high chair like a big girl -
she was so proud :)
daddy and duncan
jayden & i
attempting a picture of the whole fam -
obviously campbell was left out in her high chair -
and duncan was to preoccupied with the iphone to look at the camera
(and who knows why jayden has such a look on his face)
so we had our first night of all five of us sleeping in a hotel room
it actually went a lot better than i would have thought.
once we got everyone to sleep (which was about 10) it was great - it just took awhile to get them asleep.
and duncan did wake up at 6 and started his day then (remember no place to nap - not a good sign!)
i thought i would show this fuzzy picture to capture the amount of movement this boy has -
it is unreal!
he did finally fall asleep in the car
(and then stayed asleep in jordan's lap while we were at chick fil a)
so he got about an hour nap in - better than we were expecting!
here are some of our friends at the wedding!
the beautiful bride & groom and jordan
duncan was enjoying himself at the reception
in fact - he found a little girl that he put the moves on
(yes he went in for a kiss and she accepted!)
jordan and i

please excuse the awfulness of how i look - it is quite a feat keeping all three kids during a weddding ceremony (i did have sweet kristen to help me - which was huge) but still - it was a lot of work :)
duncan and kristen
jayden & daddy
me & campbell
sweet little thing!
(do you like her cashmere sweater? i don't even have one of those - but my daughter is sporting one before she is even one!)
zach & tina
ogdens, gladneys, & daniels
another attempt at a family picture
this one is better than the first - but still not great!
us with skylar & staci
love them!
campbell saying goodbye!


Amy Marable said...

you are a beautiful mother of 3 AND make it look easy when I know it isn't :)

ellen said...

You look beautiful, Christy1 I can't believe you have THREE kids!I am impressed about the hotel room; bravery!
I love the pictures!

Marci said...

Cutie striped dress!

kelly said...

sweet family!!! & you look darling in your cute dress. you're AMAZING for being able to pull it all off :)

ps: i think duncan looks just like alice!!
pps: & i agree with amy - you make it look easy.