Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Duncan List

1. He loves shoes
his favorite are the toy story tennis shoes that light up that he got from his "alice"
2. He LOVES his daddy
so do i :)
3. He loves sweets
i don't know if you can see the chocolate all over his mouth, but it is there
4. He is not afraid to pick up a girl at a wedding and take her on the dance floor
5. He LOVES his sister
and climbs into the crib with her while she is napping - i don't think he realizes that is not love :)
he loves suckers too!
6. He is not afraid to get messy
note dirt on hand, this is a normal state of being
7. He loves to laugh
and his laugh is contagious
we love our little duncan
he is a joy and a delight
and a mess :)


Kelli said...

What a special post for the middle child.:) Little Dunc is developing such a fun personality!

Waco Sudans said...

He also likes people - and people are drawn to him.
He likes litttle cars and trucks.
He likes ice cream.
He likes EK.

He sure is a cute little guy - and we like him. Coach