Monday, February 28, 2011

aunt b

aunt b left for africa a week ago today.
we sure do miss her.
duncan has been saying "b" a lot - i keep on telling him that she is not here.
he thinks when we are going to see the rest of the family that she will be there.
jayden today asked - "when does aunt B come back?"
i had to tell him that it wouldn't be for a LONG time
- (after his birthday, my birthday, daddy's birthday, and aunt amy & uncle blakes birthday
trying to help him realize it is a long time away.)

we had lunch together last sunday to celebrate her.
she is such a good aunt!
her nieces and nephews love her.
mary beth lived with us for the past 9 months
it was such a fun time and she was such a huge help to me.
it was fun for our relationship b/c when we lived together at home - she was a lot younger (she was 10 when i left to go to college)
so it has been great to be able to relate as adults.
i think we both loved it.

on a side note - i am now more self aware from having her live with us.
i think it is the artist in her - but she notices everything - and if you know me that well,
i am not that observant or self aware.
so i have learned more about myself and my kids body features than i ever thought possible :)
thanks B!

she is serving at Restoration Gateway in Uganda
you can follow her blog here

campbell and B have a special connection.
ask B - she will tell you about it :)
(we think it has to do with the calling on campbell's life to bring creative beauty to the earth - b is good at doing that and so we think she will disciple c in this)
see how much they love her :)
duncan & ek with the hug
btw - these two are so stinkin' cute!
they are having so much fun playing together and LOVE each other.
duncan is at such a fun age - i am loving it!
he loves to laugh!
B we love you and miss you!
i know you are having an amazing time!

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