Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Yep, that's right - tomorrow is the big day! We go in at 6 am to start the induction. We are super excited and can't wait to meet our little girl.
I thought I would take some pictures of what we have been up to lately. (jordan was gone for two weeks at our mission agency bi-annual conference in colorado, so we prayed that campbell would stay in and i kept myself busy nesting!).
These pictures are just of the projects - i unfortunately didn't get pictures up of the million balls that were kicked, errands that were run, meals that were eaten (most not cooked though :)), swimming, questions that were answered, pictures that were organized, online shopping that was done, and anything else you can imagine that kept us busy while daddy was gone.

the to do list:
over campbell's bed (marybeth cut out and appliqued these adorable images on the hoops - don't they look great? )
a closer up image of her monogram (very artsy, thanks to marybeth!)
over duncan's bed (we obviously tried to be more masculine with duncan and more feminine with campbell - using the colors and bedding i already had)
love this train and sailboat!
since duncan was not ready to move out of a crib (he just turned 13 months) we got a new crib for campbell and i got new bedding for her as well. i was super excited with what i found - it is mostly white with red stitching - (duncans is white with brown stitching on the edges) so it coordinates great! the even better part was that it was on major clearance!
i already had this quilt, pillow, chair, and lamp - so you can see how i am trying to blend all the colors together!
these are some onesies that i made, marybeth cut out the images and i stitched them on.
i think they turned out really cute!
these are campbell's burp cloths. when i was about to have jayden i made ton's of these during my nesting stage - now i make them all the time and love doing them, very simple but adds a personal touch - plus i had to make some girly ones since most things i have are very masculine!
organized her closet. duncan and campbell are sharing a room (obviously from the above pictures) so i had to make the small but very functional closet work for both of them. so this was a major project but i am so glad with how everything worked out. i think all of her adorable, fun clothes will fit!

lastly, i thought i would reference a blog post jordan wrote last year before duncan was born. a commentary on birth years. if you are interested you can read it here.


ellen said...

WOW, Christy! Didn't realize tomorrow is the day! So happy I checked! will be praying for you and Campbell and the boys! The room is awesome, like out of a magazine! Can't wait to meet her!!!!!! Love you and your family!!

Marci said...

Um, Christy...I am feeling grossly inadequate. I get a gold star if Tim has clean underwear to start the week. You are super-woman! How did you get all that done? I am going to console myself with the notion that your sweet sister and family watched your kids so you could get all your projects done because otherwise you are shaming me with your productivity!

Campbell and Duncan's room is beautiful, I love her bedding. Can't wait to meet her.