Saturday, July 31, 2010

Campbell's Friends & Family

We sure have felt loved this first week of being home! I have tried to capture some of the sweet visitors that have come by to love on Campbell. She is so precious and has been such a sweet addition to our family!

we spent a little time outside today - jayden is loving on his little sister

a little brotherly love
aunt B - just back from Colorado
uncle Geoffrey and C
look at those sweet kissable lips
love these little chicken legs!
christina & campbell
zach & campbell
sweet little sara holding campbell (she brought campbell her first tea set - she will help campbell learn how to play with girly things!)
dana & I with our newborn kiddos
(danny is 4 days older than campbell)
magen & dana and the kiddos
magen holding both of the babies
mimi with emery kate and duncan
(how cute is this picture- i love that they are all laughing!)
we are so thankful to have mimi here helping with everyone
aunt amy - she couldn't hold campbell for awhile because she was sick - so i am thankful that she is better!
love that sweet sleeping face
campbell finding her thumb
kelli and anna with campbell
wide eyed
aunt al and campbell
ellen and mom
(what a serendipity ellen was up visiting her girls and they all got to come over and hang out - it was so fun - we have known each other since birth!)
amy & emily
(dear lifelong friends)
uncle J and campbell
jacklyn & phyllis
sugarmoster (my grandfather) & mom & duncan
grandma bettye & campbell
tiffany & campbell
the proud dads (jordan & joey)
campbell & danny
(danny's first outing was to meet his future bride!)
tim & jordan & campbell
the carona's brought jordan his favorite item!


ellen said...

Oh my gosh! I made it into your blog!!!! Ha ! Ha! Hilarious! love you Christy, and it was the absolute greatest part of my trip to see you, your precious family, your home and your mom! Can't wait to see you all again!

kelly said...

BEAUTY!! campby, you are sooo beautiful!!! can't wait to meet you :)