Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jayden & Duncan's "Field of Dreams"

I decided to combine Jayden & Duncan's birthday party into one since their birthday's are two weeks apart and we would have invited all of the same people. So we went with a baseball theme (yes we did do that for jayden's first birthday but he didn't remember and he LOVES baseball and requested that for his party). I kind of went old school baseball and my sister MaryBeth helped me make the invitations.

Here is the picture that we used:

attempted family picture (already hard with two kids, can't imagine how hard it will be with three :))
i used a blue/white striped and red/white striped seersucker as my color palate for the party. it was super fun because i was able to make tons of different things out of this fabric. (and my friend magen which i will point out her creations as they come!) it was easy because their birthday is near fourth of july so red, white, and blue is easy to find!
this is the birthday banner i made for them (i actually did it almost all by myself magen just sewed the binding on - i was proud - and it was really easy!)
i don't know if you can see the table runner - but magen made me a precious table runner out of the seersucker fabric. i LOVE it and it is so fun because i used it for the fourth as well! it is precious!
i also made tons of these flags and used them for decorations all around the house. another easy decoration idea, i glued them to skewer sticks and put them in glass dr.pepper bottles
party favors of rangers bats & balls for the big kids, and big soft balls for the little ones
cousins duncan and emery kate
jayden excited about the party - ready for people to arrive, which by the way - three is such a fun age for birthdays! he was SUPER excited about the party and woke up at 6:15 the day of the party because he couldn't wait! (too bad it wasn't until 5 that night!)

also - notice his outfit! magen made the boys matching outfits - jayden had the red/white seersucker shorts with a red t-shirt that had a baseball with the #3 on it, and duncan had a blue/white seersucker shorts with a white t-shirt with the #1 on it
precious! (am i lucky to have a friend like magen! she is so talented!)
and she made me a matching skirt :) might be cheesy but i LOVED it -and it is super comfy for this pregnant mom!
we set up the "baseball field" in the front yard and here is the "concession stand" we had peanuts, cracker jacks, sunflower seeds, and bubble gum - it was super cute!

picture of their invitation that we hung on the front door

daddy giving the kids the instructions on how to play the game

cookies that we ordered from a lady in waco (along with the cake) her name is mrs. crumpler and she makes fabulous cookies and cakes
jayden with his cake
showing off his shirt
(btw - he loves wearing his baseball shirt all of the time now!)

sweet ainsley
the boys cakes - one was chocolate and one was vanilla
the kids waiting for us to sing happy birthday
(we had to wait for duncan to get a clean diaper before we could sing and cut the cakes!)

duncan with his smash cake and his precious bib that magen made!

sweet emery kate feeding felice

notice how big jayden is smiling in this picture, the one above was seconds before and we could hardly get him to look at the camera, i guess a girl will do that to you!
sparrow and sara
samuel, charlie, and jayden
sweet friends!

duncan and wilson

joey and felice
some of the mom's at the end of the party! enjoying a minute to sit down and relax while the dad's watched the kids!


Penelope said...

Happy birthday to your boys! Everything looks so precious & you are very creative. Very cute & lots of fun party ideas!! :)

ellen said...

Everything looks like it came from a fancy magazine!

kelly said...

soooo cute!!! love it all :) hudson & i loved looking @ the pics! he liked seeing his buddy jayden!!