Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big 30!

On July 5th I turned the big 3-0. The actual day was fun, low key and filled with tons of "nesting" as I am wildly getting ready for Campbell Isabella's arrival (yes that is her name for those who are wondering :)). On my actual birthday I spent hours organizing, cleaning, setting up, getting rid, washing, shopping, and anything else that I could think of to prepare for the baby. In fact the whole week was spent doing that.
On Saturday Jordan thew a birthday party for me. (it wasn't a surprise - i had told him i wanted him to do something for me for my 30th :) - but i didn't do anything for it. he recruited the help of magen (wise move jordan!) who helped him put everything together). It was so much fun and such a sweet and special time to ring in a new decade. They went for a mexican theme with tons of chips, salsa, and queso - my favorite! The girls who put it all together - did an AMAZING job! It was decorated so precious and they had some fun (and funny) pictures of me through the years. Jordan also wrote a sweet song for me and had Kristin sing it. It was such a sweet and honoring time for me.


carlisle clan conversation... said...

Yeah, what a fun celebration! Happy Birthday!

ellen said...

LOVE the pictures! LOVE you!
Proud to have known you these last 30 years!

Tiffany Dawn said...

so sad i missed the party!!! Looks like TONS of fuN!

Lindsey said...

Wow, looks like it was so much fun! Sorry we missed it--love the old pictures and the song from Jordan!! Very sweet!