Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Campbell Isabella Ogden

Campbell Isabella Ogden was born July 26th at 3:27 pm weighing 7 lbs and 19 inches. She is precious and has been a great baby her first 24 hours!
Here are some pictures from the last days!

MaryBeth & I
(before she left for Colorado)
Our family prior to becoming a family of five
(excuse Duncan's crazy hair - who knows what is going on with it!)
Chief & Alice and us
my mom and my aunt cathy
(they are obviously sisters!)
duncan and his "big brother" shirt
jayden showing off his "biggest brother" shirt
the doll marybeth made campbell (precious! handmade!)
julie (the nurse that delivered duncan 13 months ago!- we love her!)
campbell's first pic
dr.r and campbell (such a great doctor!)
jayden looking at his sister for the first time
our new family of five
chief and campbell
my parents and me
alice and campbell
biggest brother with his big brother gift - a new backpack
(btw - don't order the preschool backpack from pbk - it is WAY too little, can't fit anything in it - still made a good gift but not good for school!)
uncle j and campbell
coach & campbell
robin, darrah, oscar, jen, karis and coach looking at campbell
daddy and his boys
(they sure are glad to have him back!)
aunt cathy & campbell
sweet campbell - post delivery, pre bath, swollen face and all!
jen & campbell
the waldrums & campbell
robs & campbell
us & campbell
my sweet nurse whitney
(she was rooting for a red head (like her), we aren't sure what color campbell's hair is yet - it looks dirty blond right now but we will have to see!)
sweet campbell
mel & campbell
kristina & campbell
mel, kristina, campbell, and me
mimi & campbell
jayden & duncan looking at their little sister this morning
duncan already loves his little sister
so does jayden - he is so proud and so big
(it is amazing what a year does in age and maturity!)
erin & campbell
casey & campbell


ellen said...

Emily and I are sitting here looking at these pictures! You do not look like you had a baby 24 hours ago!!! And you have already blogged! You are amazing!
SO happy for you!
Also, I LOVE families of 5!!!!

kelly said...

awwwww! you're such a cutie little campby!!! welcome to the world :)

Stephanie said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! I agree with your nurse, I'm convinced she's gonna be your 2nd redhead. We redheads know these things! You have a beautiful family! Congrats!

walkers said...

so happy for you and your beautiful family! way to go girl, you are a rockstar mom!

Penelope said...

congratulations to you & your family!!