Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Week

sweet little d - i love him so much!
looking up with those big blue eyes!
i love this expression because it captures him - he has a surprised or worried look on his face most of the time (could it be because he has a 2 year old brother?)
(jordan took this picture and the next and i love them)
so i have become a bit more crafty with all of the crafty friends i have around. magen and i made these banners and i am super proud of it! i think it is so cute and fallish. we both saw a similar banner in the back of pottery barn kids catalog but could not find it online or in the magazine for sale - it was just a decoration - so we were inspired and created our own!
duncan,jayden, emery kate, luke, charlie, felix, felice, sarah, anna, sam
our MP play group - the kids are wearing pumpkin shirts that we made together one night and they all look adorable (don't know how to make this not underlined - sorry)


carlisle clan conversation... said...

Christy the banner is adorable...but Duncan, wow so cute! Love the new pics!

Jenni Cates Carlisle

Linnae said...

i love all the little Mercy Place babies!

Marci said...

Love the pile of babies on the couch, including my own---not wearing a pumpkin shirt and screaming to be picked up! :-) So precious, every one of them.

kelly said...

cute craftiness!! glad you're letting all that creativity out, mini martha!!
and i love the pics of little dunky! he definitely has his own look & i love it!
blue goose/einsteins take two in december???! are you up for it? :)

walkers said...

LOVE the banner, did you do it with felt? i might want to copy!

Christy said...

thanks for liking the banner! yes - it is made of felt. my friend had a couple of the colors and the rest was found at joanns. you should for sure make it! it is a fun project!