Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Weekend :)

we had a fun halloween day. it was low key and a lot of family time which was super nice! (and amy and i got to run a semi-long run which was so fun and made me excited about the 1/2 marathon we are going to do in a month) jayden and duncan didn't really dress up they just wore their pumpkin shirts that alice got them. they were super cute. i am not really that in to halloween - but apparently a lot of people on our street are - b/c there were tons of decorations for the holiday. i mean - when did it become such a big deal to decorate for halloween? i love pumpkins and fallish decor but the skulls and witches and big scary cats - a little much :) anyway - i digress. we went over to the carona's for pizza and then a candy parade. it was PRECIOUS! the kids walked down this street in their costumes and then people would fill their buckets as they walked by. it was so fun, very family friendly and a great way to see everyone's costumes and enjoy the festivities together. thank you carona's for inviting us to be apart of your neighborhood fun!
it was perfect lighting when we did the candy parade - so i think i got some pretty cute pictures. hope you are having a good week!