Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brothers (and cousins)

here is little duncan with his precious baby legs (thanks to kelli) and argyle onesie (thanks to magen) looks precious!

the following are a series of typical brotherly poses
jayden seems to enjoy the brotherly time - duncan might have a different opinion
cousin bath time :)
sweet duncan with his typical intense stares and sweet little faces
more brotherly time
at the arboretum
the newest baby on the block - wilson isaiah quiroz - born this morning weighing in at 9lbs 3oz what a precious little sweetie!


Tiffany Dawn said...

yay thanks for uploading pics of Wilson! And your pics are TOO cute!! love Jaden's chill look and Duncan's "not so sure about this" look on some of those! Priceless!

Kelli said...

Love little D's expressions! The baby legs look so cute with that onesie.

kelly said...

Love the pics, c!! You are getting good with your camera, huh??!!! And YES we're coming up to the big d for c's Xmas party!!! The first wkend in December - we just found out. We'll have to make some plans!! :)