Monday, October 26, 2009

The State Fair & My little Pumpkins

love their matching faces - apparently the open mouth was the choice for this picture
(brave i know - having jayden hold duncan near a window - but it was perfect lighting so what was i to do?)

sweet little duncan - he is my little peanut - at his four month appt he weighed the whopping
12 lbs 5 oz (6th%)

duncan was being a trooper at the state fair
jayden's first ride - he watched charlie do a couple of rides and then finally decided that he wanted to take part - we walked by this boat ride and he said "mommy i want to go on the boat" and there he did it - his first ride - on his timing not mine
(attempted photo of all of us with big tex - obviously this was not what the boys had in mind)


Tiffany Dawn said...

That boat was Nate's first ride ever!! (This yr at the fair!) Thats really fun! :) Love your pics and your sweet family!

ellen said...

Love the pictures! LOVED seeing them and you this weekend! They are adorable and awesome! Praying for you all!

c said...

good lighting = take the picture.

Waco Sudans said...

Actually his first ride was at Lion's park with Mimi