Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Rock

this past weekend we headed to little rock for the wedding of lair and justin. lair was my freshman roommate at Baylor and her family (the jones) have been close friends with the ogdens since when jordan was just born. it was a fun, relaxing, cold weekend. we stayed downtown at the Peabody hotel; you might have heard about their famous duck march. everyday at 11 & 5 there are 5 little ducks that march on the red carpet into the pond - they stay there until 5 pm when they march out of the pond, onto the red carpet and into the elevator up to the second floor where they have the duck palace. it was so cute and jayden LOVED seeing the ducks.

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Kelli said...

Like the family pics...they look like they are right out of a J. Crew fall/winter catalog.