Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Fun

We have been having a lot of Christmas fun around here!
I love this time of year.
I am trying to not obsess about capturing every moment or trying to do too much!
But here are some pictures of random fun things we have done!
We all went together to get our christmas tree!
 It takes about 2 seconds with jordan (he doesn't like to ponder too much over the choice)
 A couple of weekends ago I took the kids to the Shops at Park Lane
to look at a live reindeer.
 It wasn't as impressive as I was hoping -
but the kids still thought it was pretty cool!

 This week we did our "polar train express" activity!
it was fun - but we waited a little too long before we got the kids out of their rooms 
and jayden was already in a deep sleep - so it wasn't as fun to him as it could have been :)
 campbell loved drinking hot chocolate from her cup :)
 and please don't ask me why duncan is wearing the buzz light year hat -
i have no idea!

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