Sunday, December 23, 2012

Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest

Last Saturday we had our Sudan annual Christmas cookie decorating contest.
This has been a tradition with my family for years.
See previous posts about it here, here, and here.
 Blake & Amy hosted it this year.
Which was nice (its quite the MESS to clean up when its at your house :))
sadly mary beth and hanj weren't there because B got sick the night before
so we MISSED them like crazy -
they really get the creative juices flowing - so it wasn't the same with them gone!
 Its fun to see the kids get into it this year.
They loved "helping" and being apart.
 Sweet girls

 Jayden took it very seriously :)

 Jordan even decorated cookies this year.
Usually he just eats them - but my dad made a quota for each of us to decorate
so he met his quota :)

 Some of the finished products
 The mess left over

 The winners
 Jason's winning cookie
King Jesus
 to say that he was a PROUD winner
would be an understatement :)
 the losers :)

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