Monday, December 24, 2012

Candy Making with my Grandparents

Another tradition we have during the christmastime is to 
make candy with my grandparents.
My grandpa makes candy every christmas
and for the past decade or so he has invited us to join him.
 We headed up to Plano to the assisted living place they moved into a couple of years ago.
It is such a nice facility and I am so glad they are there.
 Beautiful Emery Kate
 Hallie and Her pretty mama
 Sugarmonster (what we have always called him) run's the show
 This is yummy candy we make here :)

 The kids also opened some gifts :)

 Jordan got involved in the process too :)

 This Santa Clause sang and was quite the hit with the kids :)
 The sweetest little thing :)

So thankful that we get to do this with my grandparents and that my kids are able to get to know their great grandparents.
Sweet times.

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