Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Birthday . . .

jordan surprised me with . . .
a new car! 
 red bow and everything :)
he had it driven up from waco and it came to our house at the time we were having dinner with my family for my birthday.
he orchestrated the whole surprise -
it was the sweetest thing and the best gift ever!
the cool thing is . . .
just a few weeks earlier the Lord had convicted me about being thankful for 
my car.
it was a wonderful car - and worked great with 3 kids -
but with 4 kids in carseats - it was harder to manage.
but i felt the Lord convicting my heart to not complain and to be thankful.
so when jordan surprised me with this new HUGE car
it was even better because the Lord had helped me pave the way in thankfulness.
i want to live that way always.
being thankful in plenty and in want.
being thankful for the good times and the hard times.
Lord - make us a thankful people.

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