Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Campbell & Danny's 2nd Birthday Party

when we got back from colorado
dana and i had a fun, low key
swimming birthday party for our sweet 2 year olds!
they make us laugh because they are so similar
3rd born children - they even look alike

 we had it on a tuesday night
and just had sub sandwiches for dinner
we did not do any decorations
i told dana - the theme of this party is "low key"
it was good for both of us -
to not put any expectation on ourselves :)
 the birthday girl thought she was big
drinking out of a can by herself

 the cute little birthday kiddos

 felice and emery kate
 barron isn't sure what to do with this watermelon
 sweet boy
 the following pictures are so funny
they both have the same expressions and are not sure about 
what is going on right here

 i am not sure why campbell was upset

 the birthday kiddos and their parents

 we ended the night opening one present
felice really wanted campbell to open the gift she got her
 it was the perfect gift!
her own diaper bag for her babies!
thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated sweet campbell and danny!
we love you all and are thankful for sweet community to walk through life with!

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