Friday, August 3, 2012

Jayden's 5th Birthday Party

 for jayden's birthday we had the cutest, easiest birthday party
one of my friends had sent me the idea from another blog -
and i pretty much copied the entire thing :)
it was a bicycle themed birthday party.
it was our first party to just invite jayden's friends
it made it easier to do that, because the kids rode their bikes
and smaller kids aren't able to do that yet.
 the color scheme was neon
which is easy to go with this year -
according to my sister neon is in :)

the party favors were these water bottles from hobby lobby filled with candy
easy, cheap, and cute
 simple was the theme of every party i gave this year
so we had the party from 9:30-11
(to avoid the heat and so that it was simple food)
and i just had donut holes, orange slices, and banana's for food
 we had the party at a local park
(another simple idea because i didn't have to host at my house,
and minimal clean up was involved)
 the FIVE year old
i found this shirt at target and then quickly stitched a 5 on it
turned out pretty cute i thought!
 campbell & our soon to be AUNT leelee
 emery kate
 aunt b & molly
 when the kids arrived
we had them decorate their bikes with neon colored flagging tape,
streamers, and stickers
it was a fun activity for them to do

 duncan with his bike all set up
 ironically right before we had the big "race"
jayden's bike broke
here is sweet daddy trying to quickly fix it!

 thankfully he got it!
way to go dad - it would have been a sad day if the birthday boy
wasn't able to ride his bike for his own birthday party!
 the kids ready to go on their bike ride
the park has a perfect sized trail around it
so jordan led the way and all the kids
"raced" around the trail to the end
 after they raced
we presented each kid with their own trophy!
 they all loved this part
 we would announce their names
and present them with the trophy
 they were big time!

 it was then time for cake!
 i got our cake at Sams
(i told you i was going simple)
and apparently cheap too - this huge cake was about $20!

 we had to move locations because the candles wouldn't stay lit

 serving the cake

 and then it was time to go home!
 after opening a few presents . . .
 a perfect party success!
as i was working on this post jayden told me
"mom i LOVED my birthday party"
i think it was a success indeed, not only simple
but the birthday boy LOVED it.
what more could this mama want?


Jennie said...

such a FUN party and I can't believe you made his shirt! SO cute!

kinsey said...

I'm so glad I saw this! My almost 3 yr old is OBSESSED with his bike right now and I was thinking of trying to do a party themed around it. I'm definitely taking some ideas from you ;).