Sunday, August 12, 2012

ICON 2012 at Winter Park, Colorado

To say we had a wonderful time at ICON would be an understatement,
amazing worship and word, lifelong friendships, an incredible camp for our kids,
beautiful colorado, re-invisioning, like-mindedness, courage infusing are just
some of the things that I would use to describe our time.
We are so thankful to be apart of a movement that
literally is changing the course of history.
Jordan and I couldn't be more thankful.
i don't have that many pictures from our time there,
because we were mostly in meetings and i didn't bring my camera.
our days consisted of dropping kids of at camp at 8:30,
morning worship/vision/ministry time session,
lunch, afternoon sessions, pick kids up at 5, dinner at 5:30, play until bedtime
and bed
they were full days - but SO SO good!
we had one day off
which meant we could do anything we wanted.
we started the morning off with the phillips at the hot tub
and then got a pass to do the activities at the resort -
that we usually didn't get to do because of our sessions.
ellie going down the bounce house slide
and duncan
jayden braving the Zip line

and then duncan
campbell and daddy watching 
ellie on the zip line
campbell found a fun activity of filling a cereal box up with rocks
(glad we didn't spend the money to get her a pass :))
the boys waiting for the trampoline
i don't know what you call this trampoline,
but they loved it!
by the end of our time there - jayden was doing flips!

sadly on our day off -
after a couple of hours of sunshine in the morning 
it rained the rest of the day -
so we spent the afternoon eating ice cream
and playing inside :)
the last day of the conference
we got to have dinner at the top of the mountain
it was amazing
we rode the ski lift to the top
(i was a little nervous with barron strapped to me in the becco)
eating with sweet friends
the phillips & the dorroh's
love this picture
with the amazing view behind us
one of my favorite things
was being able to do day to day life with joy and her kids
i love how our kids love each other and get along so well
we would run together in the mornings
and it was such a treat.
i am forever blessed by her friendship.
we got a pass again for the kids on the last day
which ended up working great because we tired the kids out
before we drove through the night
the kids slept the entire way
we were so thankful!
duncan of course found a dog to love
j on the zipline again
we ended our time riding the gondola ride
the kids loved it
(and it was free - even better!)

sweet barron was strapped to my chest most of the trip
and he did great!
he was such a little trooper
we had a wonderful time
and again were so thankful for our time in colorado!

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