Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family Fun Night: January

on friday we had one of our family fun nights
it didn't start out too exciting according to jayden :)
but things changed quickly:)
we took the kids bikes up to SMU and let them ride their bikes around campus
i was super surprised and excited about how well duncan rode his bike!
i obviously wasn't aware of the work that jordan was doing with him
in riding his bike :)
b/c he did great!
this little miss just hung around and watched
(she had pink eye - so didn't feel her best)
love that they can ride their bikes together

campbell and i got in the car and drove down the block to pokey'os for a surprise dessert
jordan and the boys rode their bikes there :)
they were proud :)
(and yes i realize we don't have helmets on them - i forgot them!)
picking out their cookie
yummy ice cream

jayden picked out the flavor "crazy colors"
blue bell knew what they were doing when they made that flavor,
i am sure it taste just like plain vanilla - but to a kid -
it is the most amazing flavor ever -
and to a parent - the biggest mess
one happy camper :)
don't think the pink eye caused her to be left out from the yummy food :)

it was a great night!
it was super simple.
but that is okay.
jordan and i's vision for family fun nights is to have
regularly scheduled times where we do something out of the ordinary
together as a family.
it can be as simple as this night was or super extravagant as something else.
the idea is to have consistency in doing something out of the norm
together as a family.

our kids loved it
and so do we :)
making memories and being together.
its pretty special.

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