Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Duncan sleeping in a BIG BOY BED!

we have transitioned duncan to jaydens room for sleeping at night.
yes we have done it - but if you think it was easy - you would be quite mistaken!
the room looks very different now, from these pictures that were taken the first night!
so the way it came down -
duncan basically forced us to move him to a big boy bed
he had kicked out one of his slabs to his crib (that my dad made by the way)
and we had glued it back - a couple of times - but he kept on kicking it out and
when one slab was kicked out - it was just enough room for him to escape from his bed.
when he would escape - a lot of times he would stay in his room,
but then crawl into his sisters bed -
who would be sleeping at times
and play with her for awhile.
we would take him out,
discipline him, and give him his instructions
but he kept on escaping
jordan and i decided it was time to try the bed out.
he was very excited to sleep with his "brother" as he calls him (so sweet!)
and jayden was excited to have someone share his room with (at first)
but that first night -
getting duncan to stay in his bed when we put them to bed -
was quite the challenge.
he kept on getting out because he was scared.
thankfully the first night - jayden was super tired so he went to sleep without any problem.
finally we got duncan to fall asleep in his bed.
but it was on the top bunk with his brother.
once he fell asleep he was good.
then - the next morning jayden woke up around 5 am screaming -
i think he was scared because he didn't know where he was,
and he tried to talk to duncan and he was in a deep sleep and didn't talk back to him.
so we moved duncan back to his crib for the next couple of hours to sleep.
the next night -we had them sleep together in the bottom bunk.
things went better but still not smooth :)
duncan still got out several times at first because he was scared.
we finally got him to fall asleep -
and then around 3 am jayden had to go the bathroom - which woke duncan up -
so we put him in his crib at that time to go back to sleep.

we decided then to forgo the top bunk
and alice had a great idea - to get a trundle to put under jayden's bed and pull it out at night and have duncan sleep there and then put it under during the day.
i was worried about having the ladder up all the time anyway, because campbell had learned how to climb up to the top of the bunk - and i just didn't want to have to worry about her falling down all day.
plus - the boys had started climbing up the bunk - without a ladder, and then jumping off from the top (i am not quite ready for a broken arm yet)
so to end this story :)
we ended up taking down the top bunk, getting a trundle and having duncan sleep on that
and two nights ago - we had sitters here watching the boys
and they got duncan to bed without him getting out once -
and then the past two nights he has done the same thing!
we also added a sound machine because jayden doesn't like the noises duncan makes :)
jayden has still randomly had to get up to go to the bathroom, but it gets later each morning -
so hopefully this is going to work!

sorry for the long post - but i wanted to document our transition!
each child is different.
i am reminded of that daily.


Emily Lacy said...

love all your posts! always learning from you!

Tiffany Dawn said...

pics of the current room?? :)

truly love the play by play!

Jennie said...

LOL..it will be so worth it!

Hillary Kouba said...

Sounds fun and we have definitely been there! Doesn't sound like you have this problem but when we moved the girls in together they always talked at night and we were always having to discipline them but someone gave us the idea to let them talk for 10 minutes (get it all out) and then go back in and say no more talking and time to go to bed. Strangely it worked and they go to bed great now even with sitters! Sounds like you all are doing great by just being consistent (which is hard when you are pregnant) but as you know the hard work early on will pay off in the long run!