Saturday, January 7, 2012

christmas eve (& the day before)

we were in waco for christmas and had a wonderful time!
it was our holiday to be with my parents so it was a packed house
but we had a great time!
friday night we went to uncle dans -
the boys found these helmets fun to play with :)

christmas eve was so much fun
we had a relaxing morning
and then the festivities began!
we started off with our annual christmas cookie decorating contest
we usually do this earlier,
but because of the engagement (and our trip)
christmas eve worked out better!
amy & i had the kids nap
(except for jayden)
which made it a little easier to do on the front end
they woke up by the end to decorate and eat some cookies :)

jayden really enjoyed doing it this year!
the artist helped create wonderful color combinations for our icing
blake was very strategic and had not only his traditional santa,
but a whole scene that went with the santa
glad we were in my parents kitchen and not mine
(a lot more room to work with!)

this is alex and his sweet mom

blake's winning cookie scene!
pretty good if i don't say so myself!
some of the finished work
with the "love birds" by mary beth
lots of cookies were made! (and eaten)
after that we went to antioch's christmas eve service
it was such a sweet service
i went solo because jordan had to go back to dallas for
our antioch christmas eve service -
which went really well too! i was sad to miss it,
but thought it was a bit much to take the kids back and forth for it
is this a happy or mad face duncan?
could be both :)
sweet little thing!
after dinner we gave the kids baths and got them in pj's
and had our
annual christmas eve service with our family
this year was so sweet
my dad had us write down ahead of time any miracles that we have experienced in our lifetime
we all shared -
it was amazing to see the amount of miracles that have happened to each one of us in
our family,
ways that God has moved that couldn't be explained by
anything but
his sweet grace and mercy
it stirred us all up in the Lord
for if God has done this in the past,
why can't he/won't he do it now?

the kids enjoyed playing ring around the rosy
aren't they cute in their matching pj's?
my parents got them these - and they looked adorable!

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