Monday, January 9, 2012

christmas with the ogdens

on christmas night we headed over to jordan's parents house to celebrate
christmas with them on monday
the kids loved getting stockings again :)

duncan got another monkey lovie
(but this one is not exactly like his other one so he said he doesn't like it :))
the tail is the most important part -
he needs it to rub under his nose

love this sweet picture of campbell looking at her sweet angel doll
jayden has wanted CORE boots -
like what the aggie band players wear -
ever since he went to the ATM football game this fall
alice had looked everywhere -
and she came across these great boots
that we are calling his "CORE" boots :)
precious on little brother too!
love this sweet picture too!
(and yes jordan is wearing the same thing he was wearing the day before)
duncan got this truck -
it has been a HUGE hit in the ogden household!
we went up to shipp belting later that day to let the kids ride around in the car there,
and use the cool remote control car that geoffrey got the boys
they all loved it!

the ogden men
(minus the one in my belly)
sweet lilly came to hang out with us
all the kids love her!
we ended our time in waco by sliding down the hill
with these cardboard boxes
a huge hit!

christmas was so fun and we are so thankful to have wonderful family to celebrate with
it was a sweet time with our kids - they are really at the ages where it is fun!
life is fun and full.
we are thankful.

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Jennie said...

LOVE his boots!!! MM has that is her fav thing! :)