Friday, September 12, 2014

Uncle Geoffrey & Aunt LeeLee's Visit (september 2013)

I decided tonight that I want to keep this blog going and document our life.  I was looking through pictures and realized this past year really had a lot of amazing experiences for us (more than what was seen through insta).
So here goes updating the past year . . .
and maybe I will have a few current post scattered through this as well.

In september Geoffrey and LeeAnn came to visit us!
It was so much fun and I found this past year that I really love hosting people in our new environment!
There is so much to show our friends and family and it is fun to have focused time with them!

We went apple picking with them - which was a first for all of us and it was
(we ended up going a total of 3 times last year - LOTS OF APPLES)

When we have family come in to visit, we try to have one night where we get a babysitter and go out alone without the kids.  It has been really nice to do that because it is always so full (and LOUD) and fun with the kids, but i think it helps us have a little more focused time together. 
I love taking people to downtown Ann Arbor.  It is such a great downtown with so much life to it.
Here we are at Cafe Zola.
It was amazing and so much fun spending time with Geoffrey and LeeAnn.
 Geoffrey's birthday was while they were here, so we went to brunch to celebrate it.
This was at north side grill and it was DELICIOUS!

We loved our time and are so thankful that they took the time and money to come up and visit us!

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