Friday, September 12, 2014

Lake Tahoe with the Sudan Family

My parents took us on an amazing vacation to Lake Tahoe in the middle of August 2013.
It was so nice b/c we had just moved up to Michigan and so when we said our last goodbyes in Texas it was nice to know that we would see family again very soon.

Whenever we go on family vacations with my family it always is to some place where you can hike and enjoy God's beautiful creation.
Lake Tahoe did not disappoint.
It was an amazing time of refreshment, joy, fun, laughter, beauty and LOTS OF KIDS.
at this time there were 9 kiddos.
so thankful for my parents sacrificing time and money to take us to a place and i am so thankful that we all get along so well and love being together.
what a joy!
enjoy the beautiful pics!

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