Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Wedding

 as i said in the previous post,
i didn't get any great pictures of the wedding or of our family on the wedding day
or me and my sister
or any of the decor
i really enjoyed myself and realized i had to give some things up to be able to really engage in the day
and the festivities
so i have a bunch of random ones and they aren't that great of quality -
but i wanted to post them to remember them
and to give a taste of what the wedding was like
the above pic might be the only good one of sweet campbell -
but she looked adorable :)

and here is jayden - closing his eyes for this pic
but i do love his long eyelashes - so i thought i would post it :)

 for the reception,
we had a dinner under these great trees
the ambiance was amazing
 amy and i giving our toasts
 duncan was of course in action and the life of the party!
 mary beth had a bunch of different cakes instead of just one big wedding cake
they were delicious -
and then she made love birds to put on top of each cake
and these adorable signs too -
i wish i could have captured each detail like that of the wedding -
it was pretty amazing -
but of course i didn't!
i am sure the photographer did though -
i will link up to her site when she posts them!
 doesn't amy look beautiful?
 jayden and sweet sara
were able to have some time together so that was fun!
 love them!
 magen and i
 beautiful ek
 c & kristin
kristin sang the song in the wedding -
and it was one of my favorite parts
she rocked it amazingly -
i LOVE her voice!
(by the way the actual service was probably the sweetest, most meaningful wedding
i had ever been to - most people who went had similar things to say -
it was so artistic, prophetic, beautiful - and jordan did an amazing job - i have to brag on him!)
hang wrote b a song here and he is singing it to her 
 the sweet couple dancing
mary beth transformed my mom's wedding dress into this
i love the back!
 and the front
 it was beautiful
 daddy/daughter dance
 this little one is too much
you should have seen him on the dance floor,
he would watch everyone dance and then copy the moves
he was quite a sight!
 mom and dad
 jordan and i
 getting kisses from the bride
 and then dancing with her
 and mimi

it was a wonderful, special, meaningful, beautiful night
one we will always remember
and a favorite for sure!
so glad it all turned out just as b wanted it
she was such a peaceful bride too
i was so proud of her -
she didn't stress at all but was able to enjoy the day
and all that God had for her in it!

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