Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mary Beth's Mani & Pedi Party :)

i'm trying to get these post done before baby ogden #4 arrives!
i guess 4 am on a thursday morning sounds like a good time 
b/c i can't sleep -
which is very rare for this mama!

so back to the wedding details . . .
on friday morning
some of my mom's sweet friends threw
mary beth a mani/pedi party
 one of my favorite luxuries in life is a pedicure -
i love it!
so i was thankful to have this gift the day before her wedding!
 my mom & mrs. mccall
(all the way from uganda)
 meg with the nail polish selection
 mary beth with some of her sweet bridesmaids 
 mary beth, colleen, and lisa
 the beautiful bride
 my sweet mom
(poor thing - alex was up all night the night before,
after going to the bachelorette party with a sick little hallie!)
 my aunt cathy & alice
 alice & i
 getting our nails done

 the completed project
blue for amy and i, pink for al
 and our nails
 sisters with the bride
it was the perfect way to start a fun couple of days!
thank you again to everyone who treated us to such a fun morning!

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